I can’t even.

[Marvel Adventures: Avengers #38.]

The Hulk at a petting zoo. Too freakin funny. LOL

The Hulk once set free a huge lab full of animals being held for cosmetic testing, and not a single fuck was given. You go, Hulk. You go.

Avengers 2 should just be Mark Ruffalo petting bunnies.



"Well, looks like Apple Bucking Season is almost upon us! Who’s ready to buck for some apples?"

DS bucks a tree, causing a lemon to fall out of it. “I am!” she calls out joyfully.

"Much more than okay. My chaotic contributor heard about you, thought recreating something like you would be a good way to go."

Yes well…. as long as you’re still reasonably sane I guess it’s okay! *Hugs you*

"Hello there, love the horns~"

Thanks! I like your…. whatever all that stuff is? Are you okay?

armoredtitan started following you



“Hello! That’s a really cool suit of armor you have there! I’m Discord Sparkle, what’s your name?”

The armored boy stopped and looked down at the small creature. To him, it looked like a purple pony with a violet mane.However… it looked like it had a lizard tail and antlers of some sort.

Chimera maybe? was Alphonse’s first guess.


“Oh, hi,” the boy spoke. “I’m Alphonse Elric.” He paused and scanned the creature over once more. “If you don’t mind me asking… what exactly are you?”

"Oh, I don’t mind at all. I like to call myself a draconequusequus, but since that’s a mouthful, I usually just say pony. In short, I’m a chaos spirit!" She teleports next to you and starts tapping on your armor. "Now would you mind explaining why this suit of armor sounds hollow?"

*She giggled.* Good point! So, how have you been? Have you had any cravings for protein?

I’ve been fine. And what are you asking about protein for? You mean meat and stuff? Yeah I eat meat.

You have very nice legs Twilight. I'm sure your glutes are mighty fine, too.

Magic Anon List
Pretty Please: My Character must grant favours of anyone who asks. So long as they say please. 1hr
I Do: My Character will be married to the character of the Anon's choosing. 12hrs
Baby Mine: My Character is a child again (Anon states exact age) 12hrs
Demon Days: My Character is a Demon for (Anon states time limit)
Angel Face: My Character is an Angel for (Anon states time limit)
Tethered and Chained: My Character belongs to the character of the Anon's choosing. 6hrs
Hear No Evil: My Character is deaf. 3hrs
See No Evil: My Character is blind. 3hrs
Speak No Evil: My Character is mute. 3hrs
Celibacy: My Character has zero sex drive. (Anon states time limit)
Nymphomania: My Character's sex drive is through the roof. (Anon states time limit)

Good thing I won’t be dead any time soon! *cuddles you*

How would your character react if they found mine dead?